I have been everywhere trying to search for a natural, organic oven cleaner and I came across this Native Organics and it definitely does the job!! Not only do I love the fact that its Non-toxic (we have 2 toddlers under 3), but the scent is light and not bothersome. The directions state to shake, spray and let it sit for 1-2 minutes. I opted to let it sit for 5 minutes and then I wiped the surface and everything was lifted. Stains were gone, burnt leftovers were loosened and ready to be wiped off. How simple can it get? This product is wonderful and I am going to recommend it to all my friends and family. Begone toxic cleaners, organic products all the way for my family and I! I will definitely be repurchasing more of your products.

When my son recently moved from Park Slope to Bushwick in Brooklyn, the movers found that he had bed bugs and sprayed his bed and couch with your Native Organics Bed Bug Killer. I noticed that the visible red bed bugs by the next day were black bugs and dead. While we still had the apartment heat treated by a vendor, my son now has a year's worth of your product to regularly spray his apartment to prevent any recurrence of bed bugs. Thanks!
— R.B., Maryland

Your bed bug spray killed what it was supposed to kill and didn't bother anyone else! And the price was really great!
— Stephen N.

I AM SOOO-OO HAPPY I TRIED YOUR SHOWER, TUB & TILE CLEANER PRODUCT. I WOULD LIKE TO CONTINUE USING ALL YOUR PRODUCTS, PLEASE TELL ME WHERE TO BUY IT NEAR MY HOME IN RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA. 91730 I am so glad to have found your products! I have 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds and a frog... And 3 teenagers... They are all happy too!

We LOVE your shower, tub and tile cleaner. we live in marin county in california and wondering if there is a retail outlet that sells your products?
-G. S.

I'm so excited about the new Hungry Caterpillar line! My little girl has taken a whole new liking to helping me clean up lol!
MS- Middletown, NJ

Over the years I have probably tried every glass cleaner on the market and yours is the best I have ever used, ever…
- C.K., Alameda, CA