Our Story


When life throws you a curveball, swing at it!

Back in 2007 our commercial cleaning company lost everything in a major flood. I took a drive through town and saw some volunteers cleaning up a school building using straight bleach. Their eyes were really red and puffy. I thought about all of the time my employees spent exposed to harmful chemical fumes, then I thought about my youngest daughter who suffers with a pre-asthmatic condition. She's a bundle of energy and loves to help during cleanup time (yes, you can say it- how blessed are we?). I knew there had to be a safer way to get the job done. I went to work looking for a safer, healthier way to clean and Native Organics Industries was born.

We’ve since sold off the cleaning company and focused exclusively on bringing the best, safest, and most cost effective cleaning products to the U.S. consumer. We’re proud to know that everyone everywhere has the opportunity to buy our products and make their home a little safer and healthier, and a whole lot cleaner!