We promise as a company to create and provide the safest, highest quality and most effective cleaning and personal care products possible using the best naturally derived ingredients and the most responsible eco conscious packaging available, while negotiating the lowest possible pricing in order to maintain affordability for your family.

1. Are Native Organics products safe for use around children and pets?
All of Native Organics’ products are made from plant matter and water so they’re as safe as your average salad dressing, but without too much salt and vinegar! Everything we make is rated as food grade which means that if a person or a pet accidentally swallows any product of ours it’ll taste pretty awful, but should not feel any after effects. Native Organics products are non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.

2. Where are Native Organics products made?
At Native Organics, we make and pack all of our natural, organic products in the USA of home grown ingredients.

3. Why is buying green, organic, non-toxic or natural cleaning products so important?
There are so many benefits to using natural and organic products that to try and answer that question in full would take more space than we can give here! But here’s the very basic idea – using our plant-based products eliminates the toxic chemical fumes that you normally get when spraying regular household brands that aren’t natural. Eliminating those toxic fumes takes away the negative reactions that they can cause and often do. This makes for a healthier person overall! By using Native Organics natural products, you also keep the waste water systems in your town clean of toxins that can seep back into the ground and waterways.

4. How do Native Organics products clean so well if all we’ve heard about in the past is that “Green Won’t Clean”?
If you’re checking out the Native Organics website, we hope it means that you’ve already bought and used our product or are seriously considering your first purchase! To answer your question, we have to go to the origins of our products. At Native Organics we make our natural, organic products differently than nearly every other green cleaner – that’s been our secret to success! We have never tried to use plant compounds to do what chemical compounds do, they’re just not tough enough to get rid of the dirt you’re trying to clean up. Instead, we start by focusing on what these plant particles can do, and then we break them down into sub-molecular sized particles so that they’re small enough to slip through the larger dirt particles until they reach the surface you’re cleaning. Once the plant particles get there, the colloidal effect of the plant matter kicks in and the particles start looking for each other. When they find each other, they’re drawn together and form a barrier between the dirt and the surface, actually lifting the dirt up for you. From that point on all you need to do is wipe up the very loose mess and voila! You now have a naturally safe and healthy cleaning product that actually does a great job cleaning and deodorizing surfaces or eliminating nasty pests!

5. Where can I find your products?
We have many retailers that carry our product line, we have our web store and we have a toll free number (888) 653-5900 that you can use to place orders live. For a specific location please refer to our Shop Locally page. Additionally, you can browse our online store where all of our products are available for purchase, right at your fingertips!

6. Are your products tested on animals?
No, we never test our products on animals. We’re here to help and not hurt any person, pet or the earth! We’re a partner with The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics also known as Leaping Bunny.org and we’ve always adhered to the Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals.

7. Can I buy Native Organics products for commercial use?
Absolutely! We have a commercial division that handles all professional accounts. Please call our office at (888) 653-5900 (888) 653-5900 FREE and ask for commercial sales. We’d be thrilled to help you!

8. Are all Native Organics products organic?
Everything in the Native Organics’ product line is made from organic ingredients where available, though we don’t have a certification for organic product. The reason for that is we can then maintain flexibility and cost effectiveness when sourcing our ingredients. The customer always benefits from our cost savings this way.

9. How do Native Organics pesticides work?
Our pesticide products are made of a potent mix of different plants and water that impact the respiratory function of insects that come in contact with them. Part of the mix is the delivery system, meaning that the inherent properties of the organic compounds will bore a hole in the exoskeleton of the insect, opening the way for the other ingredients to actually attack and disable the insects breathing apparatus. This is the science behind how we rid your home of insects without using toxic chemicals that attack the insects’ nervous system.

10. Can I spray Native Organics pesticides inside my home?
Like all of our products our pest control formulations don’t harm humans but are deadly for insects.