College Dorm Cleaning/Pesticide Bundle (All in 32 oz. Bottles)- ALL 100% Natural, Non-toxic, Child & Pet Safe

Product Description
College is a stressful time. How about we help make it a lot easier for you and knock out the worry of a dirty dorm room? In this bundle, you'll find everything you need to keep your dorm room clean and healthy!  You'll find a 32 oz. bottle of our Multi Purpose Cleaner, safe for use on ALL surfaces, a 32 oz. bottle of Window and Glass Cleaner, 32 oz. bottle of Ant and Roach Killer, and (hopefully you won't need to use this one...) a 32 oz. bottle of Bed Bug Killer and a FREE 3.3 oz bottle of Travel Size Bed Bug Killer, you know, for when you're studying on the go. The best part is that you won't be inhaling all those nasty toxic chemicals while studying, because all of our products are 100% Natural! (Even though it's all-natural, these products should not be consumed for hangover relief. Trust me...)
$ 34.99 $ 39.99

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