Rosemary Lavender Hand Soap 12 oz

Product Description
The World of Eric Carle and Native Organics introduce a new line of child-friendly, all natural household cleaners, featuring the beloved Very Hungry Caterpillar and iconic artwork from Carle’s popular books. In keeping with Carle's timeless message of living a healthier and better lifestyle we proudly present a solution for a cleaner, safer, stress-free and child friendly home. Mommies and babies all LOVE The Very Hungry Caterpillar and can now learn together about staying healthy, keeping a clean home and respecting the environment. After a very happy time playing it’s so important to wash little hands and remove the bad dirt while not stripping them of essential oils and nutrients. Our Liquid Hand soap is made of 100% natural plant oils infused with special fragrances to make hand washing a pure and pleasant experience, and keeps your precious little ones safe and clean. We also added a unique natural moisturizer to help retain the essential oils and nutrients your child needs for healthy vibrant skin that's ready for fun!
$ 4.99