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Starting the year off right! 0

Hello Mommies (and those who are not a mommy but will be, or are married to one, or have one!)

Welcome to our blog at Native Organics. This is my first official post and I’m pretty excited. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think.

Naturally, we all make our annual goals at the start of the new year. This year my goal to uphold healthier habits has taken me way over the edge. I don’t just mean cleaner eating or more physical activity, I have pledged my goals for this year to live an ultimately healthier lifestyle. I am a mother to be, and, well, my due date is nearer now. I want my child to have the healthiest lifestyle coming into the world too! I guess I am pretty darn lucky to be part of the Native Organics team, because samples are a fortuitous part of the perks ;). And lucky for me their newest line is totally what I need as a new mommy! Crib cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, laundry detergent and more…I can honestly say that I’m more than psyched to start this life change of mine, with my new baby and my new goals!

Stick around for tips regarding health news and fun facts that I’ll be posting, hopefully more often than not, if that baby lets me blog from time to time ;). Looking forward to starting this year off right! Cheers to a healthier year with healthier habits!


XO Your Fairy-godblogger

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