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Greetings fellow blog-mates!

I hope you are all enjoying the random snowfalls. Our little groundhog saw his shadow and yet it seems like our winter just started! Hopefully there won’t be much more of that cold front coming our way… (sorry for those of you who are skiers, and snow bunnies ;).

We have a lot happening here at Native Organics and I’d say a snow day might just come in handy. The countdown for the baby is coming closer and closer, husband and I finished building our crib for the nursery, I’m so excited! He thinks I’m paranoid about the amount of cleaning going on in there nursery but I can’t help it! I have the best cleaning stuff giving me that confidence that my home will be baby safe, and one hundred percent clean for the coming of my little one. Check out my obsession- our Very Hungry Caterpillar “Crib & Nursery Cleaner.”

Besides the lemon-lavender scent that soothes, it is so effective and long lasting. Definitely calms me down to know that my baby will have the healthiest sleeping environment. Can’t wait to update you guys soon!


XO Your fairy god-blogger


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  • Carolene Sivan
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  • Kirsten D.
    Kirsten D.

    I just tried this cleaner for the first time!!! BEST stuff! Goodluck with your baby!

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